Extraordinary Practice Conferences

Dr. Roach is America’s Healer. His book on his patient’s spiritual near-death experiences God’s House Calls was #1 Amazon in 4 categories. His new book, Vital Strategies in Cancer (to be released Oct. 2018), will give groundbreaking insight on how to offer cancer care and outcomes at a level above what oncologists can achieve alone. As a published researcher, national speaker, peer to oncologists, experienced practitioner, and with one of the most comprehensive understandings of integrative strategies in the world (while ever striving to learn more), he is uniquely qualified to provide information that can protect and heal you, your family, and your friends from cancer.

Multiple NY Times #1 bestseller Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said to Dr. Roach “You have this amazing amount of knowledge… you are one of the most encyclopedic minds I have ever met… I literally can’t talk highly enough about how much I think you are really doing good stuff in the world.”

Dr. Roach is one of the world’s leading integrative medicine experts, #1 Amazon best-selling author in holistic medicine, national speaker, national consultant, international medical educator, national media communicator, researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients from across the country.

Extraordinary Integrative Health Conference

November 14-15, 2019

We invite you to browse the topics covered, you will not find this level of information at any conference in the world.  Conference attendees have been continuously surprised by what they learn, and find this more insightful and beneficial than any functional or integrative medicine conference they have ever attended.  Currently there are 360+ (and growing) customized handouts on integrative health interventions, from Rx side effects to vitamins/minerals/amino acids/nutrients/botanicals to genetics to hormonal support, women’s and men’s health, to every organ system and nearly every disorder that you can think of, to spirituality.  The focus is on integrative, functional, nutritional, botanical, genetic, anti-aging, and holistic testing and interventions.  Health practitioners from every corner of the country have traveled here to learn what they cannot get anywhere else.

Vital Strategies in Cancer Conference

November 15-16, 2019

Complementing Dr. Roach’s new book that will be released late fall, this conference will teach you not only comprehensive understanding and extensive practical testing of cancer, but essential components of management not understood by oncologists that take patient care to the next level.  Learn specific detailed protocols gleaned from ten years of mentoring and clinical practice that routinely result in substantially improved outcomes, vitality, diminished side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, and specific protocols for management of each major category of cancer. Special categories include interventions for HER2neu and triple negative breast cancer, and a dozen tumor markers.  Further, an even higher level is achievable with oral “herbal chemotherapy” for advanced, aggressive cases. Learn a strategy for some stage 4 cancers where permanent remission can be achieved. Mentored by a top integrative oncologist and the top botanical medicine expert with 30 years experience in cancer, and based on thousands of research studies, information shared can get you well on your way to becoming the leader in cancer care in your community.

“Come join us — it will transform your life!”

Jim Roach, MD