Dr. Roach is a testament to his practice’s transformative power. After 15 years of research, 15 years of trial and error, he created an integrative holistic health-based practice that enriches both his personal and professional lives. A dedicated educator, he wanted to help others transform their own work and life.

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Extraordinary Practice Conferences

Extraordinary Integrative Health Conference
Vital Strategies in Cancer Conference

“Come join us — it will transform your life”

Midway, Kentucky | Nov. 14-16, 2019

Midway University

“Dr. Roach’s Extraordinary Practice Conference is just that. “

Through his down-to-earth approach Dr. Roach delivers a huge trove of practical and invaluable clinical information. What doesn’t fit into the lectures is contained in nearly 1000 pages of handouts covering the whole range of integrative and functional medicine. From vitamins, minerals and botanicals to GI, CV, women’s and men’s health to genetics, neurotransmitter, autoimmune and cancer strategies.

I continue to discover new clinical pearls on a daily basis as I unpack the information. This is invaluable for me as I transition from conventional family medicine to integrative health care.

Woven into this information are wonderful examples of spiritual significance, allowing us to see how difficult medical conditions become opportunities for healing and transformation, for both our patients and ourselves.

Thank you, Dr. Roach!

Terry Van Oort, MD, ABFM, ABIHM


For Both Conferences

$2,499 for MD, PA, ND, NP, Lac, Chiropractors

$1,999 for Health Coaches, Nutritionists, etc


For a Single Conference

$1,500 for MD, PA, ND, NP, Lac, Chiropractors

$1,200 for Health Coaches, Nutritionists, etc


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Combining Integrative, Functional, Nutritional, Botanical, Genetic, Anti-aging and Holistic Strategies in striving for the Best

Three days of intensive coverage of comprehensive assessment, comprehensive management, with optimal financial and spiritual reward, taught by one of world’s top Integrative Health physicians.



Not everyone gets a chance at a second act in life.

Not everyone gets a chance at a second act in life. Like millions of others, Dr. Jim Roach found himself over 50 years old, making barely enough money to live comfortably, with no foreseeable paths to advancement. He had peaked in the middle.

As a result of a system in which he was forced to see too many patients for too little time, Dr. Roach hit a wall. Dissatisfied with the way he practiced, what he practiced, and where he saw himself in the next ten years, he decided to change the narrative.

Dr. RoachTen years later, Dr. Roach not only multiplied his income nearly ten-fold. Now 15 years later, he has completely revolutionized his practice and his personal life. It took a huge amount of work – 12,000 hours of study, including 41 national conferences – but today he is a leading innovator in the field of integrative holistic health. He is a national speaker in integrative health, on the faculty and presenter for the prestigious Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine, and national consultant. But putting aside his accolades, he finds his greatest happiness in following his spiritual pathway – educating health practitioners and healing patients.  Develop the practice, and be the healer, that brings complete fulfillment!

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